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Hotel furniture suppliers in US

Hotel Furniture Suppliers in US


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We Are Your Procurement Partners For Exactly What You Need in Hotel Furniture Fixtures and Equipment

Miclenbert Davo Crego is one of the leading manufacturer & supplier of hotel furniture or Hotel furniture suppliers in US. Completing over 30 years of service, we are always a step ahead of others. We are the Hotel Furniture Suppliers Firm based in US who has been providing the customers with exactly what they want. We visit different factories by traveling across Asia. We are always ready to accept the changes according to our customers. We believe in improving all-time & because of our exceptional customer services & best quality products our customers keep coming back to us again & again

US Hotel Furniture Suppliers 

We are your best resource for hospitality interior design and hotel furniture

Hotel Furniture fixtures and equipment in US

Our Mission

Miclenbert Davo Crego Inc. has earned its positive reputation because we go out of our way to provide truly exceptional service to each of our customers. We are a procurement company. We are one of the largest hotel furniture suppliers in US. Our job is to get you the best quality at the lowest possible prices. But our job doesn't stop there. We procure your FF&E for you on time and in the budget. you give us the budget and we go find the items to meet your needs and timing. We go to the factories in China, India, and Asia and check the quality and make should what you expect is what you get. We are the Hotel furniture suppliers in US who provide commercial hospitality furniture as per your requirement. We work with you to get you exactly what you need. We work with you and the factories we represent to get your products to you on your schedule when you need it. We understand that your needs can change last minute, and we’re ready to adapt our services quickly to ensure your success.

We contrast from different organizations from multiple points of view. Our office is in the Philippines and in the USA. We visit the factories in Asia where around 95% of the items are being made. We really are boots on the ground. Our organization is an administration based organization and we supply the furniture, fixtures and equipment as well as we are able to redesign and renovate any hotel. We also can do logistics, planning and ID drawings for any Hotel. We specialize in branded hotels like Marriott, Hilton and IHG brands. We have the knowledge of the brand standards and know-how to meet the brand requires they insist on. All the products we procure meet or exceed the brand's standards and requirements.

In contrast to us, there are numerous organizations situated in the USA yet they are not in direct contact in Asia. They try and do business from a desk in and a different country. We live and breathe in Asia. We live here we no how the culture and how to get the job done. Our competition in most cases does not understand and live the culture so it is very difficult to get the easiest things needed to be done.  It somehow hampers the whole process. Not understanding the vendors you work with and talk with supposably every day can be a huge communication gap. 


These issues are being eliminated by us on an exceptionally large scale because we live here in Asia. This lets us focus our time on the cost and production since we are in Asia and are only 2 or 3 hours flight away from any factory. This strategy spares the time and cost of you coming to inspect the product. We are your eyes and ears already here. By doing customary visits to the industrial facilities we can watch the things being made here to ensure the quality and quantity are just what the client wants and meet the brand's standards.

We are close so we have the opportunity to get in the car and drive or fly to fix anything before it might occur. We go to the industrial facilities at least 2 or multiple times during the production of items and likewise before loading the container we check each and every item before it is loaded for transport to your location. Also, consequently by doing this, we know about each piece of the item being loaded for transport. We likewise will have a representative there during the unloading procedure with the goal that no damage has happened and assure the quantity that went in also came out of the container. 
 All these things are possible only because of our presence in Asia. In this way, we are always are a step ahead of everything. We are your "boots on the ground" while others are still sitting in their chair in another country wonder how to solve a problem we already have it done.  
This structure is 25% to 50% less expensive than in the US because of the low work cost in Asia. We don't have the high overhead others do in the USA so we are able to pass those savings on to you. Also, subsequently, we complete the production of your items at less cost when contrasted with others with every one of the companies we represent. We then pass that savings on to you as well. We want you to be happy. We want long term relationships with our clients so we are always working towards the goals the Client sets forth.

Core Values


Hotel furniture suppliers in US


Hotel furniture suppliers in US


Hotel furniture suppliers in US

Community Impact

Hotel furniture suppliers in US
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Leaders in Design, FF&E Purchasing & Installation Services for Hotels & Resorts

Hotel furniture suppliers in US
Hotel furniture suppliers in US
Hotel furniture suppliers in US
Hotel furniture suppliers in US
Hotel furniture suppliers in US
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