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Hotel furniture fixtures and equipment list in US


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We contrast from different organizations from multiple points of view. Our office is in the Philippines and in the USA. We visit the factories in Asia where around 95% of the items are being made. We are your boots on the ground so to speak. Our organization is an administration based organization and we supply your furniture fixtures and equipment as well. We can renovate your properties as well as do the design for you based on the brand design you give us. In contrast to us, there are numerous organizations situated in the USA yet they are not in Asia. Due to this, numerous issues emerge with the process.
These issues are being illuminated by us in an exceptionally limited capacity to focus their time to your project. Since we are in Asia and are only 2 or 3 hours flight away from any factory we can eliminate the issues others have. By being here it saves your project time and cost. Miclenbert's customary visits to the industrial facilities, we can watch the things being made there and ensure the quality you need. We go to the industrial facilities at least 2 or multiple times during the procedure and likewise before placing the things into the containers.  We check each and every item for quality assurance before it is loaded into the container transported to your project. Also, consequently by doing this, we know each piece that is being packed and loaded into the container. We likewise will be there for your unloading procedure with the goal all we put in came out the same quantity and quality it went in as. 
 All these things are possible only because of our presence in Asia. In this way, we are always a step ahead of the competition in everything that we do

Hotel Interior Design

Hotel Design today is a speciality process. You have to understand the thousands of standards that are required for each brand and each franchise. It's not easy remembering what all the requirements are. You have to have a professional that knows the ins and outs of all the brands in today's market. We have a team that is able to do just that so our client can submit their custom designs. We also can work with you to get your ID drawings completed and working drawings so you the Client can submit them without worry. We can work with your designer or ours it is your choice on how you want to complete this process. 


Renovation / Construction

We are specialist in Hotel Renovation and new construction. Our team has amazed our clients for many years. Our team members have worked on Disney, Universal Studios, Hyatt Regency, Hilton brands, Marriott Brands, Choice brands and Wyndham Hotels and timeshare divisions. The hundreds of economy, mid-range and high-end list of hotels our team has completed is endless. We install the products we procure for you in a timely manner on time and in the budget. We worked with short windows and are specialists in getting your project completed in the manner you want. Our sub follows us. They know how we are and what we expect.  

   We are able to meet your needs on the renovation as well as the Furniture fixtures and equipment and know-how important timing of these items are. We are a one-stop-shop and take the pressure off of you and let you do other things that may be more important to you.


Furniture Fixture & Equipment

Our quality in the Furniture fixtures and equipment does not stop at case goods. We can supply construction-related materials you may need including UL certified Electrical supplies and lighting, quartz tops. mill-work cabinets, shower doors tile, carpet, broadloom carpet, banquet items and bathroom accessories,  Anything you think you need for your renovation or new construction project we can help you we get it. 

  Our team in the Philippines and USA are here to serve our clients and want you're to project to move in a manner you want. You're the client to us we work for you. 

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