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Hospitality Furniture Manufacturers in US

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

We are a leading producer of finest-quality hotel furniture posing professional craftsmanship & services at affordable prices.

Providing the Finest quality hotel furniture with voguish designs and innovative solutions for a great value. Founded in 1989.

Davocrego produces guest room case goods, seating and public space furniture with the uttermost accuracy and exceptional personal service.

We specialize in manufacturing brand and custom case goods and seating, with completed projects throughout North America.

We deliver an innovative lighting solution that can transform your hotel, motel or resort into a “home away from home” for your guests. hallways, lobby, outdoor areas and rooms each have their own unique needs and require their own lighting system, developing a need for hospitality lighting solutions that can provide you will all the various fixtures and equipment. We have built a reputation for unbeaten customer service and exceptional value in providing hotel furniture with long life and lasting design.

Our working ethics oblige us to deliver maximum satisfaction ensuring peace of mind.


From proposal through to order, our proficient team will work with you to understand and consult on your requirements. We work closely with you to set milestone deadlines, including anticipated opening/conversion date, for all work required prior to opening.

Brand Approval

We closely understand your needs and the standards set by the hotel brands. We are ‘happy to help” provide expertise in ensuring the products selected comply with brand standards and are approved by the franchise.

Project Management/Production - Our team works directly with our factory to ensure the best outcome for you and your project. No middlemen.

We proactively keep you updated and engaged at critical points during the production process to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Quality Control

Our factories perform quality checks throughout the production process to ensure all products are produced to the highest standard and adhere to strict requirements for material and workmanship.


Our team coordinates all the shipping and logistics, to ensure all projects arrive correctly packaged, quality controlled, on time, and according to the hotel installation schedule.

We actively follow up post-delivery to ensure there are no issues once products have been delivered.

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